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HelpDesk Official help and support channel. Welcome to Help Desk! English
Pitas Pub For fun & laughs 0 English
Pokies No chat just Pokies play 0 English
Ridgerunners Place Welcome To Our Room/Please Enjoy Your Time Here/Adults Only/ASK BEFORE WHISPER 0 English
shorty's chatroom friendly chat 0 English
Summers Family Genealogy 0 English
Sunshine and a Li'l Sizzle (*)(*)May the dreams you hold dearest be those which come true. The kindness you spread Keep returning to you.(*)(*)(L) 0 English
The Nifty 50+ Gang :) All are welcome Fun chat room (F) 0 English
ThreeTea3s room (F)...A good group of people to get to know...(F) 0 English
~A Gathering Place~ A place to gather and chat about anything and everything and all are welcome. :D 0 English
BiggieTesting 2 English
psycho pass 2 English

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