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HelpDesk Official help and support channel. Welcome to Help Desk! English
50s Legends A room for all to enjoy 17 English
~Just Trivia~ Just Trivia is now open. We have 4 rules. 1) Please Respect Each Other. 2) No Personal Attacks, If this occurs, the person will be banned. 3) Don't tick off the Hosts. 4) The Hosts can Ban anyone for breaking SPCN COC. 12 English
IRCommunity [br]➤ Get help with ALL aspects of SPCN IRC[br]➤ From beginner to advanced help available [br]➤ Supports and[br]➤ Latest RSS feeds from all major scripting sites[br]➤ Support Forum and Downloads provided freely. 9 English
Test test topic. 8 English
Game of Thrones Chat 1 English
THE WRINKLY 50S R US Wrinkly 50R Us(F)Quiz Night Sunday:o 9pm UK time Room Full Of Lovely People({)(})(b)(d)Are Free Tomorrow So Pop In And Say Hello:~ 1 English
Hot Tub Trivia and Chat 0 English
dangers [style ff:Comic Sans MS;co:#000000;b;]^^::~(h)-@)(hf):g):h)(~)8-|8o|:@(6)(l)(A)(b)(d)[br](A) d (6)  [style ff:Arial;co:#81F781;bgco:#0B610B;b;] /| All Welcome /| (New/Old|Crazy/Sane|Staff) /| [/style][br]ys) a :*  [br]:g) n :h)[br]:-# g (fl)  [style ff:Arial;co:#0B2F3A;bgco:#58ACFA;b;] ( Script | Bot | [style bgco:#58ACFA;u;]Anything Room[/style] ) [/style]   [style ff:Arial;co:#58ACFA;bgco:#0B2F3A;b;] ( Novice | Pro | danger ) [/style] [br](b) e (d)[br]+o( r (dk) [/style] [br]   [style ff:Arial;co:#81F781;bgco:#0B610B;b;] /| mIRC Code & Sparkpea Font Help [/style] [style ff:Comic Sans MS;co:#000000;bgco:#FFFFFF;b;]  @  [/style] [style co:#000000;bgco:#0B0B3B;b;]   [/style] 30 English
fantasista [br][style ff:Arial Black;bgco:#FF0000;co:#000000;b;]»--(¯`·.·´¯)--» ★~ B l a C k O u T ~♥~ f a n t a s i s t a ~★ «--(¯`·.·´¯)--« [br][style ff:Arial Black;bgco:#000000;co:#FF0000;b;]_________♥_from_CHARMY_JUN_♥_F_R_I_E_N_D_♥_S_H_I_P_♥_________ [br][style ff:Arial Black;bgco:#FF0000;co:#000000;b;]__LET'S PLAY SCRABOGGLE GAME! _Type !ScraBoggle to Play!!__ [/style][br][br] 16 English
BIG M0mmas_H0use \"(li)BIG Momma\'s House(li)\" =(l)= Warm and Friendly Room ;-) Down Home Cooking and Good ol\' Chat with an occasional Frenzy Game :P No need to look any further..This is the Place..(Y):D 10 English
!!!!!!!MSHS!!!!!!! MSHS The Original Sparkpea Scripting Chat Room Stop on in and see if old friends are around or make some new ones. 7 English
Scramble Frenzy Welcome to Scramble Frenzy, If you like fast pace word games, Stop on it and give Frenzy a try. Thank you for your support. 6 English
~Just Chat~ General Chat Room, Only 2 Rules: Leave the Politics and Religion Topics @ the Door. (No Exceptions) Respect Each Other, Treat Others As You Wish To Be Treated. (8)We Support Cosy Clan Radio.(8) 5 English
All Around The World Friends ! Love to Chat in a room with REAL people and not all those BOTS ? Then why not stop on in ours here ,we are fun and friendly and does enjoy chatting to . We do play Scraamble Frenzy from time to time . :~ 4 English
Christian Friends Game Room Word Frenzy here! type !wfstart to start word frenzy :) 4 English
EMLSWORLDWIDE & FRIENDS (F) Welcome:D(F) To EMLSWORLDWIDE FRIENDS & CHAT:D(F)We hope you Enjoy:Dchatting and Making New Friends(F)Parking is allowed:D Have Fun:D(Y):D (H)PLAY TRIVIA !Trivia or WORD FRENZY:D!WFstart 4 English
Friends and Laughter GENERAL CHAT 4 English
SweetFlowers Game Room (F) Welcome to SWEETFLOWERS ROOM :) (f) We chat :) play Word Frenzy or Trivia and Have Fun :D Slow Speed Games;) please:D !WFSTART or !TRIVIA :) ;) Parking is allowed (y) :D 4 English
EMLSWORLDWIDE GAMES & CHAT (F) Welcome:D(F) To EMLSWORLDWIDE GAMES & CHAT:D(F)We hope you Enjoy:Dchatting and Playing Games:D(F)Parking is allowed:D Have Fun:D(Y):D (Y)PLAY TRIVIA !Trivia or WORD FRENZY:D!WFstart 3 English
Neos just testing stuff and fixing script, all welcome 3 English
Scooters world wide chat room Welcome to Scooters world Wide chat room all is welcome (x)(z) 3 English
50s Chat Cafe Welcome to 50\'s Chat Cafe. We are the sister room of Foxerina\'s Cosy Clan ,Music, Chillin\' and Chattin\' Please ask to whisper. 35 + Please. We Support Cosy Clan Radio 2 English
Sugar & Friends Senior Chat (h)Welcome to Sugar & Friends Chatroom (h) Where you will find (c) Fun Respectful Seniors Chat (c) 2 English
Sunshine and a Li'l Sizzle (*)(*)May the dreams you hold dearest be those which come true. The kindness you spread Keep returning to you.(*)(*)(L) 2 English

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